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Thoughts on the Blazers

Posted on: February 1, 2010 12:52 pm
What a season so far.  It's almost comical to see all the injuries to this team.  What started out as a year of what might be has turned into a year of what next.  It's good to see Nick Batuum and Rudy Fernandez back, but these guys are not what the team needs to turn it around.  We are almost halfway through the season and the Portland Trail Blazers are currently in 7th place in the west.  I really believe the right move is to get all the young players the most playing time you can and play out the season.  If something fantastic comes along in a trade, take it.  I believe the problem is too much talent on this roster.  It's true the season has been killed by injuries, but Nate is still trying to find the right starting combination.  When it comes to the blazers talent, they need to start thinking quality not quantity.  A few decent guys for a really good guy would work well here.  

As for trying to make a run at the playoffs, why?  So you get matched up against the Lakers or the Nuggets and get swept in teh first round?  Why not play out the string, get a lottery pick and come back next year bigger and badder than ever.  Instead of the year of what might be, this year could become a year of what should be next season.

One more thing...If Brandon Roy is allowed to play in the All Star game, somebody should lose their job at One Center Court..... He is already missing games due to injuries, why not let him rest more during the all star break?

Ok, OK  this has turned into a complaining rant....which is what I don't want.  

Until we meet again!  
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Posted on: February 3, 2010 10:19 pm

Thoughts on the Blazers

I read your thread and I gotta say.The way you talk proves your a real fan and thats great, the one thing I disagree on is how you said they shouldn't make a run for the playoff's.I used to think preimptive like your statement here.(for example:)say the cavs are up by 2 points over the lakers with 15 seconds left in the game(lakers ball).I used to think that you should foul in that situation so you would have last possesion and the worst case scenario is a tie game.I realize now that you shouldnt think of ways to make the game end in your favor, because if you think too much about the next play then your not concentrating on the play at hand.always focus on the now in my opinion.having said that your statement is solid.this was just a disagreement in the matter

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